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BENTLEY | Creative Direction, Production Design [Set Design]


Creative Direction, Production Design [Set Design]

We've put our heart into the art direction and set design for this for project for Bentley.

Working closely with the client and creative director, we explored various avenues through collages and sketches to showcase different ideas.

After selecting the perfect concept, we collaborated closely with our 3D team and suppliers to meticulously craft it to perfection.

Despite the minimal art direction, precision was paramount, and each plinth was custom-made to perfectly accommodate the respective product.

To bring our vision to life, we designed all acrylic plinths in 3D to precisely understand the proportions between colours, products, and negative spaces. Our supplier diligently organised the plinths by images and numbers, ensuring a smooth set-up on the shoot day without any confusion among the transparent plinths that looked quite similar.
Behind the Scenes
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