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Moving Image

Production, post production, fashion films & music videos.

We design visual narratives to match your brand identity, guiding our clients through every step of the process from pre to post-production, across digital content, e-commerce and music videos.


Detailed pre-production ensures that all the necessary crew, equipment, space and time to deliver the project are considered.

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Art Direction, Moving Image, Production Design [Set Design, Prop Making, Prop Styling]

We designed three distinct sets for this project.


The objective was to establish a uniform colour palette and a general mood and feel, ensuring consistency between still life and moving images.


In collaboration with the creative director, we created a series of collages to showcase ideas and refine the concept. A foundational set was developed, and key props were customized and sourced to bring each theme to life.


The outcome was a versatile set design, easily adaptable to each theme, ensuring cost and time effectiveness in both pre-production and on the shooting day.


Moving Image, Production Design [Set Design, Set Dressing, Prop Styling]

We conceptualized a series of fictional independent businesses and door facades to elevate the ambiance of a charming mews in Notting Hill, London.


Each shop was meticulously crafted, taking demographics and specific briefings into account to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding street.


This project required a diverse set of skills, encompassing branding, packaging, prop making, and set design.


A selection of our favourite projects.

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