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Production Design

Set design, set building, set dressing, prop styling and prop making.

We have created a seamless production design system which allows us to deliver consistent quality within short deadlines.


Our dedicated in-house team of experienced production designers collaborate with our trusted partners and suppliers to ensure we provide time and cost-efficient creative solutions for advertising, TVC and print.

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Discover our latest projects.


Art Direction, Production Design [Set Design]

This briefing required a substantial amount of interpretation and brainstorming, with each image intricately crafted and inspired by real stories.

We created collages and sketches to establish a clear roadmap for prop sourcing and the shoot day. The selection and design of props and compositions were meticulously executed to convey the nuances of the storytelling.


The result is a series of concise yet impactful images that vividly bring a story to life.



Art Direction, Production Design [Set Design]

We designed six sets for Lush, drawing inspiration from their thematic bath bomb selection, and ensured that each one had a distinct and unique identity.


Immersing ourselves in the story of each bath bomb, we created mood boards, sketches, collages, and technical drawings to develop each concept. Once the concepts were approved, we generated art decks and budget sheets to facilitate prop selection and budget control.


Each set brings to life a unique story, emphasising the mood and feel of each distinct bath bomb.


A selection of our favourite projects.

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